Hyperhidrosis is an embarrassing condition that can significantly diminish a person’s comfort, confidence and overall quality of life. When prescription medications and prescription-strength deodorants fail to prevent or correct excessive sweating, many consumers start considering their options in non-invasive procedures in Calgary. miraDry® is an FDA-approved treatment for minimizing or eliminating problems with excessive sweating in the underarms. It has been used by countless hyperhidrosis sufferers since 2011. During this procedure, electromagnetic energy is used to target and destroy the sweat glands in the armpits. This in turn renders the underarm area incapable of perspiring excessively, even in very emotionally tense or physically challenging situations. If you are interested in experiencing the benefits of miraDry®, you may be eager to learn more about the permanence of this procedure.

Unlike prescription-strength antiperspirants which often do little more than mask excessive sweat, miraDry® targets the problem directly at its source. By applying focused electromagnetic energy to the sweat glands it is possible to render these structures incapable of performing at normal or beyond-normal levels in the future.

After just one to two miraDry® appointments in Calgary, many people find that their underarms are noticeably drier even when they aren’t wearing any antiperspirant at all. For those who have long-suffered from the embarrassment of hyperhidrosis, this sudden change can be incredibly uplifting. Patients will no longer have to worry about developing noticeable and fast-spreading wet spots on their favorite shirts, dresses, and jackets. They can also take part in professional meetings and important social events without dealing with sweat-related anxiety.

One attribute that makes miraDry® stand out from most other hyperhidrosis treatments is its ability to produce semi-permanent and possibly even permanent results. Once the sweat glands in the underarm area have sustained a significant amount of heat-induced damage, these gradually lose their ability to naturally recover. They may continue producing slight amounts of sweat in an effort to maintain overall body cooling, but they will not release the massive amounts of perspiration that are commonly associated with hyperhidrosis. Several initial studies suggest that many patients can achieve as much as an 85 percent reduction in underarm sweat, and that these individuals can enjoy this decrease indefinitely. In addition to potentially producing permanent results, miraDry® has the power to stop excessive sweating instantly.

Like many people, you may be concerned about the overall effects of both targeting and purposefully destroying sweat glands. With this procedure, however, it is not possible to negatively impact your body’s ability to effectively cool itself down via perspiration. In treatment, you will only be eradicating less than two percent of the more than 2 million sweat glands that your body contains.

How miraDry® in Calgary Is Performed

Prior to your procedure in Calgary, your clean-shaven armpits will be fitted with a temporary tattoo. This tattoo creates a visible guide for the miraDry® appliance by mapping out the locations of the targeted sweat glands. It allows for the precise application of electromagnetic energy so that no unnecessary tissue damage is caused in the surrounding region. This mapping system allows for optimum levels of accuracy even as it protects the nearby skin, connective tissues, and other natural structures. Both armpits will be numbed using a topical numbing agent and a tumescent or deeper-penetrating anesthesia.

The tumescent anesthesia provides the dual benefit of both preventing discomfort during and after treatment, and inflating the skin so that there is a suitable padding between the miraDry® device and the actual dermis. Next, after confirming that the underarm area is completely numb and dry, the doctor will pass the appliance over the targeted area. As it moves across the skin, it will perform a slight sucking motion while simultaneously targeting individual sweat glands with electromagnetic heat. As the treated sweat glands are quickly destroyed, all sweating across the treatment zone will stop.

What to Expect Following after Your miraDry® Procedure in Calgary

After your treatment with the miraDry® appliance is complete, your armpits will be wiped clean and then carefully iced to alleviate any immediate swelling. You’ll be given several ice packs from the miraDry® brand to take home with you for further icing during the formative stages of your recovery. Many people experience mild soreness, bruising, and swelling after these procedures. These common and fairly short-lived aftereffects can be alleviated with Ibuprofen or any other over-the-counter pain reliever. All residual swelling and any post-procedure feelings of numbness, tingling, or itching will likely abate within just one to two weeks.

Post-treatment, you will have the incredible benefit of experiencing instant results. You will not need to apply any special antiperspirants in order to maintain a clean and fresh look and feel. Moreover, the treatment area will be unlikely to produce any sweat at all for several weeks following your procedure. After multiple miraDry® treatments, some people never sweat in this area again. There is no downtime with this procedure given that there’s no incisions, no wound care to perform, and no serious aftereffects. However, although patients are encouraged to resume their regular activities shortly after treatment, it is not advisable to engage in any high-intensity exercise for several weeks.

Given that patients can respond differently to this procedure, you won’t know if the results of an initial procedure are permanent until a sufficient amount of time has passed. When the sweat glands do continue functioning post-treatment, they generally produce significantly less sweat, and at increasingly frequent times. Each subsequent treatment that you receive will cause further controlled damage to the targeted sweat glands. Once they have been rendered inoperable and incapable of recovering, you will no longer require any additional procedures.

Ensuring Optimum Benefits When Using This Popular Hyperhidrosis Solution

72 hours before your treatment in Calgary, you will need to shave your underarms so that the targeted area is free from any obstructions. If you use other hair removal methods such as waxing or depilatory creams, talk with the doctor to determine whether these are acceptable for use just before your miraDry® application. During your consultation appointment, our provider will give you a list of steps that you can take to bolster and streamline your procedure. For instance, you may be advised against using any blood-thinning medications ahead of your appointment.

Products like aspirin, Ibuprofen and other over-the-counter NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) will be safe for use during your recovery, but could increase the likelihood of bruising and swelling if used before. It is additionally important to inform the doctor of any local treatments for hyperhidrosis that you have had in the past. For instance, if you’ve recently used an injectable neurotoxin to minimize underarm sweating, you may be advised to wait until this solution has worn entirely off before trying miraDry®.

Although it is definitely possible to receive this treatment after using injectable neurotoxins for sweat reduction, proper timing of your miraDry® procedure may be essential for ensuring the best possible outcome.

How miraDry® Stacks Up to Alternative Hyperhidrosis Treatments

Not only do prescription-strength antiperspirants fall short by failing to treat the problem of excessive sweating directly at its sources, but many of these products are surprisingly ineffective at both minimizing sweat production via their topical approach, and reducing sweat-related odors. Moreover, these are not feasible solutions for any person with sensitive or irritation-prone skin. Likewise, prescription medications that are intended to resolve hyperhidrosis internally do not have a reputation for reducing either odors or overall wetness in any significant way.

People can find a much more effective solution to their excessive underarm sweat in injectable neurotoxins. These products are best-known in the cosmetic industry where they are frequently used for the treatment of dynamic facial wrinkles. However, the nerve-blocking effects of these solutions can also be very beneficial in this particular application. Once injected into the armpit, purified neurotoxins will instantly block the nerve signals that control overall sweat gland activity. This will cause the sweat glands to effectively shut down until the neurotoxin wears off and normal nerve communication is restored. For some patients, these treatments can result in the total, short-term cessation of sweating across the targeted area. The primary drawback of using non-invasive injectables is that these procedures require frequent maintenance treatments. The average treatment with these products lasts just three to six months. After this time, new injections must be received or problems with excessive sweating at the treatment area will quickly return.

Are You a Good Candidate for miraDry® in Calgary?

Anyone who suffers from excessive sweating at the underarms should consider the benefits provided by miraDry®. This is currently the most effective and longest-lasting solution for hyperhidrosis in this body area. Moreover, it is also the only FDA-approved procedure of its type. Not only is miraDry® capable of producing both immediate and permanent results, but it also does so without requiring surgery, downtime, or special aftercare. Some people are able to achieve a suitable and long-lasting level of dryness with just a single session. Others may require multiple procedures before reaching their goals. Each patient is different and thus, each treatment plan is streamlined to create a truly needs-specific solution. While miraDry® is reported to last for at least two years, many patients have reported experiencing a dramatic and permanent reduction in their underarm sweat.

With the right hyperhidrosis treatment, you can regain your confidence, increase your activity levels, and become far more positive and proactive in both the professional and social arenas. You’ll spend less time clutching your arms to your chest in an effort to hide increasingly wet armpits, and more time networking and engaging with others. Best of all, you won’t have to limit your wardrobe to heavy, dark-colored garments ever again. You’ll be able to wear whatever you want, without feeling any social anxiety or fear. Pay Yourderm.ca in Calgary a visit if you are interested in this treatment. Feel free to call us today at (403) 768-2824 to schedule your consultation!