Aging is inevitable. You probably already know that your skin will thin out, wrinkle, and become paler with time. What you may not know is that there are some daily habits, some of which you may be practicing, which could be speeding up your skin’s aging process.

Our team of professionals at has put together a list of the five most common habits that cause the skin to age quicker and how to remedy them.

Habit #1: Too Much Exfoliating

While exfoliation should be a part of everyone’s skin care routine, over-exfoliating does more harm than good. Excessively scrubbing away at your skin causes it to age quicker. 

By over-exfoliating, you remove the outermost protective layer of your skin. Removing this barrier makes your skin highly susceptible to environmental toxins and harmful rays from the sun. The resulting damage accelerates the aging process. 

Ideally, you should exfoliate once or twice a week at the most. Use small circular motions for about 30 seconds each time to avoid over-scrubbing.

Habit #2: Using the Wrong Eye Cream

This may come as a surprise, but your eye cream could be causing your skin to wrinkle and thin out at a faster rate. Most eye creams contain heavy oils to provide moisture around the eye area. However, these oils can migrate into the rest of your skin, causing it to puff up. Moreover, they also weigh down sensitive skin tissues, causing premature wrinkles. 

To prevent this from happening, avoid using eye creams that contain the ingredients ‘mineral oil’ and ‘petroleum.’

Habit #3: Forgetting to Moisturize

Moisturizing regularly is a staple in any anti-aging skin care routine. Exposure to the sun’s harmful rays and environmental toxins such as dust and dirt can cause the skin’s surface layers to dry out. This weakens the skin’s barrier function, creating cracks in the topmost layer of the skin, making it look a lot older. 

To prevent premature aging, moisturize at least once a day. 

Habit #4: Eating Unhealthy Food

You are what you eat. What you put in your body ultimately affects what you see in the mirror. Regularly eating processed foods such as bread, consuming too much sugar, and munching on fast food can cause lasting damage to your skin.

Components of these foods, such as trans-fats, can cause inflammation and damage to the skin’s collagen, which is responsible for preventing wrinkles and the skin’s overall structural integrity.

For better and younger skin, cut down on your intake of processed foods. Avoid foods that contain trans-fats and hydrogenated oils. Moderate your alcohol intake, too — your skin will thank you for it. 

Habit #5: Missing Skin Care Treatments

Skin care treatments form part of a healthy lifestyle. Removing dead cells rejuvenates the skin, helps prevent acne and slows the formation of wrinkles. Just as brushing your teeth only once a week does not lead to healthy teeth, missing your skin care treatments will only cause your skin to age quicker. 

Make your skin care treatments a priority. Think of them as a non-negotiable part of your lifestyle and always make time for treatments. 

How Skin Resurfacing Can Help

If you’ve been engaging in the above-discussed habits, all is not lost. There are ways to undo the damage you’ve unknowingly caused your skin.

Skin resurfacing is an advanced procedure that stimulates the skin to produce more collagen. Increased collagen makes your skin look firmer and decreases wrinkles, leaving it looking younger than ever. It also enables the skin to heal more evenly while getting rid of blemishes and reducing scars. 

If you really want to keep your skin looking younger for a long time, skin resurfacing may just be your best option. 

Get Specialized Skin Care From

No two people have the same skin. The skin care treatments that worked for someone else may not work for you. For best results, it is essential to tailor your skin care routine and treatments to your unique skin type. 

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