There are many options available for correcting blemishes like age spots on the hands. As we grow older, we will experience changes on our hands and other areas. The hands will show a person’s true age no matter how young they look. They may even make you look older than you actually are. Non-surgical hand rejuvenation in the form of IPL treatment is one of the best remedies for age spots and other problems on the hands. You are warmly invited to find out if you are a good candidate for this non-surgical skin rejuvenation option by visiting our office.

What Does Non-Surgical Hand Rejuvenation Involve?

To put it simply, this is when the hands are made to look younger without the use of surgery or invasive measures. You won’t have to schedule an appointment at a plastic surgeon’s office, and you won’t have to be put to sleep during the procedure. Non-surgical hand rejuvenation comes in various forms, but IPL treatment has multiple advantages over the others.

Downsides of Topical Products

Of course, topical products are available over the counter for those that wish to use them. However, they can only go so far when it comes to non-surgical hand rejuvenation. That’s where professional hand rejuvenation techniques like IPL treatment at our office can help.

How IPL Treatments Can Help You

Some people don’t know that IPL treatment can be done on the hands. Although it is typically performed on the face, it can also make the hands and other areas look younger. The treatment aims to fade or completely eliminate blemishes using broad spectrum light.

Who is a Good Candidate for IPL Treatment?

The good news is this treatment is versatile in that it is a great option for people with various goals and problems. Those who have yet to experience blemishes on the hands may even wish to have a treatment done for preventative purposes or to address other concerns. It all depends on the unique case, which is one of the reasons why a consultation is so important.

Choosing the correct procedure for the age spots on your hands doesn’t have to be difficult. Whether you are unsure which treatment is your perfect match or you want to schedule a consultation right away, get in touch with us at to get started. Our office is located in Calgary. Contact us today at 403-457-1900 to set up an appointment!