Skin tags are harmless little flaps of skin that seem to appear out of nowhere for no reason. If you find a skin tag under your arm or on your neck, there is no need to worry as skin tags are not an early warning sign of skin cancer. In fact, they have no connection with cancer at all, but they may be unattractive and uncomfortable. Fortunately, skin tag removal exists.

Skin tags grow on a stalk and usually develop on the chest, back, neck, under the arms or breasts and in the groin area. Scientists do not know why skin tags develop, but most skin tags have two things in common: They develop in families, so the tendency to get them is genetic, and they often develop in places where skin rubs against skin.

Some people are more prone to develop skin tags such as people who are diabetic, obese, pregnant or elderly. They also appear to develop as a reaction to some medications. During your consultation with our specialist, your skin tags may be examined and the best treatment prescribed.

There are several reasons to consider removing skin tags, and the number one reason is appearance. If they appear in a place such as the neck, face or chest or under the arms where they show, you may like to have them removed.

Another reason to consider skin tag removal is if they become a nuisance. They can get caught in zippers or rubbed by buttons, or they can get caught in jewelry or seat belts. If skin tags are irritated often, they could start to hurt and bleed. This may cause a serious risk of infection that could take weeks to heal completely.

Skin tags can appear on the eyelids or around the eyes, causing irritation to the surrounding skin. These are not only unattractive, but they also may become twisted or start to bleed and interfere with your sight.

In some cases, skin tags may change in appearance. If this happens, we recommend you visit our specialist to have the tag evaluated. It may not be a skin tag at all but a mole that needs a biopsy to determine if any disease is developing.

There are various skin tag removal methods available. Our specialist can explain each removal method to you and then recommend the best treatment for the location and size of your skin tags.

Skin tags do not hurt, itch or have discharge, and there is no reason to have them removed if they are hidden and are not annoying. However, they can be unattractive and irritating for many. If they start to bleed, they have a high risk of becoming infected.

These are just some of the many reasons to consider skin tag removal at in Calgary. To get started and learn more, contact us today to book an appointment! Our phone number is 403-457-1900. We look forward to hearing from you!