Prescriptions are not enough!

Yes, they are designed to kill bacteria and slow down the production of sebum, However, the cure can be worse than the disease.

We are often surprised to see just how many over the counter acne routines are used by our patients when we first meet them. They are often too harsh, excessively fragranced, and do not work well with prescriptions that are medically necessary to treat the acne.

Also, many over the counter ingredients are good in isolation, however, it’s the manner in which they are combined, with mindfulness of the patient’s age, skin type, sensitivity, that delivers a great result.

Combining medical and cosmeceutical therapies is an art but it is truly necessary to get the best outcomes, minimize facial redness and peeling, save you money, and ultimately give you better skin sooner. The Revoderm Skincare line was engineered with this in mind.

Please contact us and we will help design the perfect regimen for you and your acne.