How do you diagnose rosacea?

This is a common question from patients in the clinic. Rosacea (“acne rosacea”) is a very common condition characterized by redness, dilated blood vessels (broken capillaries) of the face – particularly on the nose, cheeks, chin and lower central forehead. Patients suffer from flushing-type flares. These symptoms can be brought on by triggers such as emotional stress, caffeine, alcohol and sun exposure. Diets that include spicy foods have been implicated in rosacea flares.


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Treating Mild Rosacea

Mild rosacea can be treated with topical antibiotic creams and blood vessel constrictor gels. Zinc oxide sunscreens (ideally, 20 % or greater zinc oxide content) are critical to prevent exacerbation of the condition.  When acne-type pimples occur on a background of rosacea redness,  antibiotics such as minocycline or doxycycline are often used.  The down side of medications is that they are temporary – i.e. they work only when you are using them.

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The facial “bumps” of rosacea can be quite stubborn. They resemble teenage acne and they can respond to similar medical therapies (topical prescription creams and pills). However, sustained remission of the rosacea is possible only if the correct zinc oxide based sunscreen is used and if the overgrown facial blood vessels have been treated.

Rosacea patients typically have exquisitely “sensitive” skin. It is our experience that they have the greatest skin care needs but intolerance to topical products can be a significant issue. We will put together a regimen that is effective and minimizes rosacea symptoms  and recurrences.

Laser Therapy 

IPL (intense pulsed light, pulsed dye laser) is the best treatment option for the excessive blood vessels of rosacea for most rosacea patients as this is the most effective and longest lasting treatment. For active rosacea bumps, we will often use Isolaz laser. Ildikό Juhasz has treated thousands of patients with laser over her long career at If you suffer from rosacea and would like help, please contact us.

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