Neck Redness Therapy / Neck Rejuvenation Therapies Calgary

When taking care of your skin, you should not stop at your face. Very often we neglect the neck / chest (décolleté). This produces the image of a “disconnect” – the face can look to be “a brand new 25 year old person” and the when the neck and upper chest are not treated, the true story reveals itself .

Sun damage (irregular pigmentation, broken capillaries) often shows on the hands and neck and chest first – the skin is very thin in these locations.  The combination of photofacial lasers and picosure laser is the best way to address these concerns.  Brown pigment is lifted, unwanted and unnecessary capillaries are removed and the skin reveals a healthier more radiant glow.  This halts the progression of accelerated photoaging.

Based on the severity of sun damage, we will decide what combination of lasers is ideal to achieve the best results for you and your skin.