The Profound Non-Surgical Facelift is a new non-invasive device and treatment procedure that involves the use of precise, thermally regulated, controlled bipolar radiofrequency needles that are inserted into the skin of the face, neck and body areas to induce tightening and lifting. Profound is the only therapy has been clinically proven to rebuild the skin’s “building blocks” – elastin, collagen, and hyaluronic acid. This treatment is administered under local anesthesia to minimize discomfort. The computer assisted delivery system allows for complete control over depth, temperature and time of treatment for maximum results catered specifically to the patient.

Surgical Facelift vs Profound

Up until the recent past, there was no option other than face-lifting to improve sagging of jowls and lower face and neck laxity. Although these issues are usually addressed with a scalpel-based approach, the results all-too-often leave you looking un-natural and “worked on”. Profound, on the  other hand, does not have these issues because you actually “grow” volume in your skin – i.e. hyaluronic acid, collagen and collagen….

During your complimentary consultation, all of the options can be discussed, and you can learn about how to best address your areas of concern.

Benefits of Profound

  • improving fine lines and med depth wrinkles
  • contouring face and jawline
  • mild , moderate wrinkles
  • loss facial volume
  • neck laxity
  • sub mental and double chin augmentation
  • skin tone and skin quality
What can patients expect from Profound treatment?

Ideally, skin rejuvenation treatment should result in good esthetic outcome with minimal risk of complications. Neo-elastogenesis (new elastic tissue formation) and neo-collagenesis (new collagen formation)  explain the remarkable results with Profound.  Studies have shown that a single Profound treatment has a 100% response rate for deep wrinkles and tissue loss and 95% for laxity at 6 months after treatment* Many patients can return to somewhat normal activities within five to seven days after treatment. Minimal to moderate redness is to be expected and this resolves over several days. Facial swelling can occur following treatment, which resolves within 1 to 5 days. Profound treatment is associated with much less downtime compared to the surgical facelift.

What’s the procedure like?

Profound is a single treatment performed in the office, usually in two hours or less after local anesthesia. We will provide a local anesthetic to manage comfort. The system delivers precise thermal energy to the deeper skin layers, exactly where the energy being delivered is most beneficial to produce collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid growth.

What can you treat with Profound?

Profound has the ability to contour, lift, and smooth skin to reduce wrinkles in challenging areas. Common treatment areas include the neck, jawline, cheek, under and upper eye and brow. Profound yields a truly remarkable 100% response rate in clinical trials as a single treatment procedure, with noticeable results; this success rate is virtually unrivalled in all of esthetic medicine….. . Minimal downtime is associated with this treatment as it is non-invasive, and results can last several years, in time with the skin’s natural degradation process.

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Here’s What Our Patients Are Saying…

“II had a Profound treatment done twice now with Ildiko and my results are great. I feel better, my jawline is more defined, my wrinkles around my lips are much more minimized and I feel like the treatment gave me volume in my cheeks and improved all over my skin and the texture. The whole team made me feel so comfortable, and Ildiko’s work is absolutely amazing. A big thank you to Ildiko and her entire team….
-Brittney P.