Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy for Melasma

Platelets are your body’s richest source of collagen promoting growth factors and for these reasons, we use PRP for conditions which require tissue rejuvenation. In platelet rich plasma therapy, we precisely and delicately place these peptides and growth factors into skin involved by melasma and helps improve fading of this stubborn condition and improves over subsequent six to eight weeks.

PRP For Melasma - Before & After

How does Platelet Rich Plasma therapy work?

During the procedure, a vial of blood is removed and this is centrifuged to separate the cells from the platelets and serum. Then, the important peptides are released from platelets with refined sterile techniques in our certified laboratory.  Afterwards, the platelet peptides and growth factors are delicately placed into melasma patches.

Is Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy for Melasma painful ?

No. It depends on your pain tolerance. If you have a low tolerance to pain YOU may apply a numbing cream at home 30 – 45 minutes before your appointment.

*Most patients do not require any numbing cream.

When do I see Results? How many procedures would I require ?

For best results PRP can be combined with other laser treatments. Most clinical studies show 3 treatments are necessary for best results, each appointment is one month apart.

How do I prevent relapse of melasma after successful Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy ?

This is a common question in our clinic. Melasma can be managed but not “cured” in the strict sense of that term. Thus it is essential that sun exposure be mitigated through use of zinc oxide sunscreens. We now know that visible spectrum light (i.e. not just ultraviolet light) – can exacerbate melasma. We recommend Venuceane containing zinc oxide sunscreens as this ingredient helps reverse damage to skin cells that is caused by visible spectrum light. Retinol is also recommended as this helps exfoliate out subtle pigmentation by acceleration of epidermal turnover. Finally, antioxidant peptides serum with a unique trans-epidermal carrier molecule is usually recommended.  This 1-2-3 home therapy is ideal to prevent relapse and the need for more laser.

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Here’s What Our Patients Are Saying…

“For years I had patches of discolored skin in my face and hands which seemed to get worse in the summer. I finally looked for a dermatologist and luckily found Dr. Alanen at He explained to me that I had a condition called Melasma and recommended a few treatment options. I chose the laser method and now a few months later the spot are hardly visible. Thank you Dr. Alanen.
-Alanna P.