Platelet Rich Plasma therapy (PRP) for acne scars Calgary

Platelet rich plasma therapy can highly beneficial for acne scar therapies. This procedure uses your own platelets to rejuvenate and stimulate the new collagen production.  This procedure is frequently combined with other scar treatment modalities to improve the appearance of acne scars.

PRP Platelet Rich Plasma for acne
How does Platelet Rich Plasma therapy work?

Platelets are your body’s richest source of collagen promoting growth factors.   During the procedure, a small vial of blood is removed and this is centrifuged to separate the red and white blood cells from the platelets. Then, your own collagen promoting growth factors are removed from platelets with refined techniques in our certified laboratory.  Afterwards, the platelets growth factors are delicately placed at the optimal depth of your acne scars so as to help elevate scar tissue that is indented.

How are the best results from PRP achieved ?

Often Platelet rich plasma is combined with other procedures to improve acne scars – no one single modality is “perfect” for treating this vexing problem. Collagen growth from PRP is not noticeable for six weeks; at that point we make a team decision if more PRP is necessary.

Am I a good candidate for platelet rich plasma acne scar therapy ?

If your acne scars are soft and indented and atrophic, the answer is likely yes, but talk to us first during your complementary consult.

How long does it take ?

Platelet preparation is about 20 minutes (including the blood draw). The entire procedure takes about 30 – 45 minutes, longer if other procedures are being done as well

Is it painful ?

Perhaps surprisingly, no.  If you are pain sensitive, numbing cream can be used 30 minutes before the treatment starts an. If other therapies are combined with PRP, local anesthesia is used so that it is painless.

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Here’s What Our Patients Are Saying…

“Acne scars from my teen years have made me feel self-conscious and sometimes embarrassed so I finally approached Dr. Alanen to see if he could help. Using plasma from my own body, he was able to quickly and painlessly get rid of most of my scarring 
-Blake J..