Let’s face it, armpit sweat glands are useless: they don’t actually regulate your body’s temperature, they are the source of unpleasant odour and the deodorants that most of us use every day ruin your clothing.  The conventional treatments like topical aluminum chloride (e.g. Drysol) can be worse than the condition itself.  Surgery (and armpit liposuction for that matter) is invasive and not always effective. Until the recent past, we as health care providers have been able to offer nothing but sympathy for people with this condition. Now, there is miraDry: think of this as “Miracle Dry”. This is a game changer; everything that people want from a procedure is here:

  • It is highly effective
  • It is safe
  • There is a very high rate of patient satisfaction – almost everyone polled would do it again
  • The benefits can be permanent
  • Unlike haircuts, trimming your nails or Botox, it does not need to be repeated once the problem is fixed…..

The miraDry procedure has been performed at the Derm.ca / Yourderm.ca clinic for seven years and we are continually amazed at its effectiveness. So……

What are the benefits of MiraDry?
  • Most of our patients, consistent with the medical literature (see references below), experience permanent reduction in sweating and odour. It works !!
  • It has been touted to be a “needle free” and “toxin free” alternative to Botox for hyperhidrosis. We like the fact that it tends to be a one-time therapy unlike Botox, which needs to be repeated several times per year……
  • It reduces axillary hair and as such, many (but not all) people do not require laser hair removal.
  • MiraDry recovery is easy for most patients; the skin is not cut so there is no real downtime.
What are the drawbacks of MiraDry ? MiraDry complaints are uncommon but you should be mindful of the following:
  • Local anesthetic is required, and this can be slightly uncomfortable.
  • As of now, most medical insurance plans don’t cover the cost for MiraDry (which we find unusual, since MiraDry is far cheaper in the long run as compared with Botox injections). So How much does MiraDry treatment cost? It depends on the number of sessions required but on average it is one or two sessions. Contact us for a free consultation. You can see a dermatologist privately / without a referral for this. We are one of the busiest providers of this service in Canada; we’d love to help you with this disabling condition…..
  • Side effects of MiraDry include swelling of the armpits which usually resolves after several days. There is a rare risk of nerve injury, but this is greatly minimized
What is miraDry? The best solution for hyperhidrosis and odour

miraDry is a novel non-invasive nonsurgical, FDA-approved treatment which uses microwave laser energy to  significantly reduce the number of underarm sweat glands, which can lead to elimination of excessive sweating and odour (known medically as “osmidrosis”). This has been done in our clinic for seven years and we are one of the busiest providers in the country. We regularly see patients from all over Western Canada, including Edmonton, Banff, Canmore and British Columbia.

How does miraDry eliminate excess sweating?

The treatment works by selectively targeting and destroying underarm sweat glands. These are not sweat glands that are necessary nor are these sweat glands important to regulate your body’s normal temperature. Because the sweat glands are near the hair follicles, these are often treated as well. So miraDry laser is also a laser hair removal technique ! The procedure takes about an hour after local anesthesia.

Unlike surgical treatments (e.g. cutting the nerves which come to the armpit), there is no risk of reflex / secondary sweating elsewhere on the body.

MiraDry preparation involves local anesthetic injected into the armpit area. A lot of saline is placed as well (tumescent anesthesia) and this novel technique also lifts the sweat glands up and away from the delicate nerves of the armpit. You may feel as though there is a banana under your skin, but this resolves within a day or so.

We are often asked how long does it take for MiraDry to work; most people notice benefits starting within 48 hours.

Who’s a good candidate for miraDry?

If you have had episodes of annoying excess armpit sweating (psychologically devastating for some people, in fact), this is right for you. You can feel confident in social situations again and wear your favourite pastel colours – black shirts are no longer a necessity. We are often asked “How long does MiraDry last ?”. It is potentially permanent, since the sweat glands are destroyed.

Calgary Hyperhidrosis / Hyperhidrosis Calgary

Apart from MiraDry, what other therapies exist for axillary hyperhidrosis?
By far and away, the next most common therapy is Botox for hyperhidrosis or similar neuromodulator. These are very effective, but most patients require many sessions (three to four per year).

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