It starts with a diagnosis, of course. There is a myriad of processes that can cause “bumps” under your skin. Most of these are benign non-cancerous cysts or lipomas. Bumps under the skin surface are often not necessary to remove.

Reasons to remove a subcutaneous lump include discomfort, recent growth, or if it is merely an annoyance. On occasion, lesions are removed if there is a concern for cancer.

Cysts And Lipomas

lumps and bumps
Lumps and Bumps: Cysts and Lipomas

Sebaceous cysts (“epidermoid cysts”) and lipomas form as “thickenings” under the surface of the skin. They are soft and mobile (i.e. not stuck to surrounding tissue) in most instances. Cysts and lipomas are very common and most such bumps are biologically innocent.  Cysts form as a consequence of blockage of a pore of the skin and they may discharge foul-smelling material.

On occasion, cysts can become secondarily infected; this is readily treated with a brief course of antibiotics…Please do not squeeze or attempt to “pop” the cyst – this may lead to a secondary infection.

Because most pores are on the face, chest, and back, cysts are commonly found in these anatomic locations. Lipomas are overgrowths of adipocytes (cells of the subcutaneous fat) and these can be found almost anywhere on the body.

Should you treat your cyst with a “DIY” procedure? No. There are many online videos showing home therapies for cysts. They do not work and they can lead to secondary infection and abscess. These lesions can be readily removed by Dr. Alanen.  He has performed thousands of these procedures over the years.

What are the Treatments for Lumps and Bumps?

Once you have had a consult with a formal expert dermatologist such as Dr. Alanen your options will be very clear for you. Note that lesions under the skin surface are best dealt with through expert surgical skills, not a laser.

They should never be “popped” or excessively squeezed at home; these techniques do not work and they may result in a secondary infection.  The clinic is a certified non-Hospital Surgical Facility and Dr. Alanen has removed thousands of growths from the skin.

How is a bump or lump removed ?

This removal technique is relatively straightforward – the lesion is frozen with local anesthesia and then it is excised with a precise scalpel. The area is then stitched up.

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Here’s What Our Patients Are Saying…

“I had a very big cyst on my left shoulder that needed to be removed. Dr. Alanen removed it for me. The procedure very smoothly. I was worried about getting a keloid scar as I have dark skin, but 6 months later, thankfully no keloid! I’m left with a very tiny almost invisible mark where the big cyst was. I would recommend Dr. Alanen without hesitation.
-Marcus B .