One of the greatest challenges in the removal of unwanted hair is finding a technology which is effective for all skin types. Because laser hair removal relies on the contrast between skin colour and hair colour, patients with lighter skin and darker hair have typically achieved the best results.

At Laser and Esthetics, we recognize this challenge and understand that one laser does not fit all. As a result, we use a variety of highly specialized, leading edge laser devices to deliver exceptional results to patients of all skin types and colours.

Before & After

Hair removal before and after of chin area
Watch hair removal in action!

What Body Areas Can Be Treated?

The laser hair removal devices we employ are so precise that our highly skilled, medically trained laser technicians can treat unwanted hair on virtually any region of the body. Some of the most common areas we treat include:

  • Upper Lip
  • Chin
  • Eyebrow area
  • Bikini
  • Chest and Back
  • Legs
  • Arms and Underarms

Our lasers are able to accommodate large areas such as the back and legs, and smaller delicate areas such as the underarms, toes, and lips with pinpoint accuracy.

How Does The Laser Hair Removal Procedure Work?

The laser hair procedure directs light to the Melanin, the dark pigment found in skin and hair which is most abundantly found at the root of the hair follicle. Melanin absorbs the light, generates heat, and disables the follicle. Once damaged, the hair will fall out in 1 – 2 weeks, and the follicles will be less likely to regrow hair.

During the procedure, which is typically in under 30 minutes, patients report minor stinging or pinching sensations, however, a topical anesthetic is often applied to alleviate any discomfort.

When Will I See Results?

After the hair follicles are disabled and ultimately destroyed, hair will begin to fall out within 1-2 weeks. Maximum results will require a few follow up sessions as discussed below.

Although laser hair removal will not permanently eliminate unwanted hair, it delivers a dramatic reduction in hair re-growth and in many cases, eliminates the need to shave and wax altogether.

Inferior results are most often related to the inexperience and inadequate training of the technicians performing the treatments. At Laser and Esthetics, our technicians undergo a rigorous training laser program, and all procedures are overseen by Dr. Ken Alanen, one of the most highly respected Dermatologists in Canada, or one of his colleagues.

Will I Need Follow Up Treatments?

The growing cycle of hair varies depending on the area of the body in which it is located. Additionally, hair goes through different stages, and laser hair removal is only effective during the growing stage, called the Anagen stage.

In the Anagen stage, Melanin is most prevalent, making laser hair treatment most effective during this period. Since all hair in a specific region of the body is not at the same stage within the growing cycle, maximum hair removal results generally take as many as 7 sessions, at 4 – 6 week intervals.

Certain medical conditions which cause unwanted hair growth such as hormonal issues and  Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), must be assessed on a case by case basis, as the number of treatments can vary substantially. Additionally, maintenance may be required 2 times per year.

Is There Any Downtime?

  • Although you may experience minor redness in the treated area for a few hours, you are able to resume most of your regular activities immediately after the treatment.We do however, recommend that you refrain from intense physical exercise for 24 hours, and apply a medical-grade sunscreen such as Revoderm Age-Defy Antioxidant Mineral Sunscreen if you are going to be exposed to any sunlight.We also suggest applying, Revoderm Revolac Body Lotion, a fast-absorbing creamy, antioxidant-rich intense hydrator, to leave your skin feeling soft and silky smooth after the treatment.
Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

  • Does Not Harm The Skin
  • Long Lasting Results
  • Pinpoint Accuracy
  • Quick Procedure
  • No Downtime
  • Painless and Non-Invasive
  • No More Waxing Or Shaving

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Here’s What Our Patients Are Saying…

“For years I suffered from the embarrassment of dark hair on my legs. Shaving my every day often caused a rash or ingrown hair, and the pain of waxing was not an option for me. Ildiko and her team were absolutely wonderful and after a few short sessions the hair is gone and I hope I’ll never have to shave again. Thank you, Ildiko for making my life better..
-Kelly F..