Are you tired of acne ? Have blemishes caused you to feel self-conscious ? Despite many acne treatments out there, there are none quite as advanced as Isolaz laser therapy.  We are actually Canada’s biggest Isolaz provider, having performed thousands of these procedures over the last twelve years….

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Isolaz Treatment

How Isolaz Works

What is Isolaz laser?

Isolaz has been specifically designed with the latest in laser technology to safely and effectively treat acne breakouts. How ? This remarkable procedure combines vacuum suction with laser energy. In practical terms, this means that: 1) The gentle vacuum gently aspirates debris and other impurities from deep within and 2) Laser light kills bacteria in a non-pharmacologic manner.

Did you know that the ratio of clogs to active pimples is about 100:1 ? That means that for every pimple, there are about 100 “potential pimples” – i.e. clogs on your skin. By virtue of the fact that it vacuums out clogs from the skin, Isolaz actually helps prevent breakouts.

It has been our experience over the last decade that the results are optimized when your skin is co-treated with the correct cosmeceutical regimen for several weeks prior to this therapy. Isolaz can be a “stand-alone” procedure for acne or it can be combined (e.g. with medical grade chemical peels), cosmeceuticals and medications. The best results, of course, come from an individualized regimen; please contact us – we’d love to help you.

How many Isolaz laser acne reduction treatments will I need?

The amount of treatments you may need will depend on the severity of acne breakout you are experiencing as well as your skin type, how long you experiencing blemishes, and your personal skin care regimen. However, our team wants to help you achieve the best quality skin possible and can customize a treatment plan to best accommodate your aesthetic goals. Ultimately, results will vary from person to person.

Who is an ideal candidate for Isolaz laser acne reduction?

All skin types – even individuals with intrinsically dark skin – are potential candidates for this cutting-edge treatment option . Because this is a procedural, not a pharmacologic therapy, it is safe in breastfeeding and pregnancy.

How to prepare your skin for an Isolaz treatment.

You can continue to use all of your regular skincare products before your Isolaz treatment, except retinoids, minimum 48 hours.

Oh, and if you’re a fan of spray tanning, using self-tanner, or enjoy spending time in the sun, you’ll want want to wash off your self tanner ! Prior to any laser treatments, it’s important to avoid the sun as much as possible. Having a tan increases the risk of pigment issues following treatment.  This is a key to finding a laser specialist. “It’s also important to seek treatment with a dermatology laser clinic who is skilled in laser treatments, especially if you have darker skin,”.

If it’s possible, you should also come to your appointment with clean, makeup-free skin.

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