Every acne scar is different. In fact , every scar from acne on the same person is different.  This point cannot be overemphasized.  It follows that no single modality could possibly give you the best outcome.  Please read the following statement from a non-specialist clinic in Western Canada: “…..we get calls and e-mails regarding the removal of acne scars. Our response is always the same – Fraxel Laser Treatment”  (italics added for emphasis). The approach underscores what is far too common in the world of acne scar therapy.  This is precisely how we do not approach acne scar therapy at Derm.ca.

The best results for Acne Scar therapy come from the following:

  1. The training of the person doing the procedure. Ideally a board certified dermatologist – look for the designation “FRCPC” following the person’s surname. If “FRCPC” is not there, the physician is not a specialist dermatologist. This matters because the surgical procedures are often required and these cannot be done by non-specialists.
  2. How different therapeutic modalities are combined, be it laser, platelet rich plasma, subcision, surgical excision. Ensure that your dermatologist has the entire range of therapies at his or her disposal and that significant experience has been achieved in all of these areas…..
  3. Where the scars are located on your face matters: a depressed / indented scar of the temple is treated differently than a similar-appearing scar on the cheek or the forehead, owing to the different underlying soft tissues in these areas.
  4. A thorough review of your skin, with dermatology specific imaging. This assures you that your scars have been accurately assessed and that the appropriate, individualized treatment plan can be designed for you.

Acne scars can be psychologically devastating. Worse, acne scars have a very common tendency to appear worse with time, since normal skin ages around the scar more than the scar itself……We’ve helped myriads of people with this problem. We have one of the biggest acne clinics in the country. We are also the home of Canada’s first acne specific telemedicine service www.acne.ca (designed with the mindset that early intervention can mitigate acne scarring).

If you would like to take on acne scars, please let us know. Book for your complementary acne scar consultation. We look forward to seeing you.

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