Often,  melasma can be treated by home therapy alone. You cannot change your genetic predisposition nor can you undo the intense sunshine incurred years ago. However, the routine outlined here is usually effective. If you notice that stubborn pigment remains after two or three months, procedures such as picosure or platelet rich plasma would be recommended. Regardless, the regimen of Retinol, ideal sunscreen and bleach cream tends to still be the relapse prevention protocol.


Therapies For Melasma

Sun exposure  be minimized by sun avoidance behaviours and through the liberal use of zinc oxide sunscreens. Retinol is also recommended as this helps exfoliate out subtle pigmentation through acceleration of epidermal turnover. Finally, Illuminous Antioxidant Serum, a professional-grade brightening serum harnessing high potency resveratrol for a look of next-level clarity & advanced environmental protection.

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