Dermatology is a visual specialty…

“to see a spot or a rash is to diagnose it” is a common expression amongst dermatologists. In essence, this is a medical specialty that is based on visual pattern recognition.

Skin cancers and pre-cancers have very characteristic appearances and the most important role of a dermatologist is to identify early lesions; this offers the best opportunity for cancer prevention and cure.

Dr. Alanen offers Complete Skin Review – a comprehensive overview of your skin, taking into account your personal and family history of skin conditions, any spot that you are concerned about, and a thorough overview of your skin.

Dr. Alanen has performed tens of thousands of these visits over the years.

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What happens during Complete Skin Review?

Dr. Alanen examines your skin paying particular attention for unusual moles, sun damage and precancerous sunspots. In some cases he may use a dermatoscope – a special dermatology developed device to magnify the skin and underlying structures to assist with the diagnosis.

If it is found that you have many moles, mole mapping may be recommended.  If significant sun damage is noted on the face, Dr. Alanen may recommend subsurface high resolution computer analysis of your skin so as to quantify sun damage, blood vessel overgrowth, and pigmentation irregularities.

How long does a Complete Skin Review take?

Typically, Complete Skin Review takes only ten minutes or so.

Do I need Complete Skin Review ?

If you have a personal or family history of skin cancer, a history of sunburns or many suntans, fair skin, multiple moles, or fair hair, the answer is yes.

How reliable is a Complete Skin Review ?

Very reliable. This relates to the intrinsic nature of dermatology being a visual pattern recognition – based specialty and sheer number of examinations that Dr. Alanen has performed over the years.

Will my concerns be addressed?

Yes. Typically, any spot that you are worried about is examined before the rest of your skin is checked.

What if a concerning spot is found ?

Dr. Alanen may treat the lesion with cryotherapy (liquid nitrogen; “dry ice”) or remove (i.e. biopsy) the lesion.

Removal/biopsy can almost always be done on the same day as the Complete Skin Review – a very efficient system has been developed over the years that allows for this service.

Do you send tissue for pathology confirmation?

Yes. Every single time.  The tissue is processed at the laboratory and mounted onto glass slides so that it can be examined and diagnosed under the microscope.

Do you have an expert second opinion service?

Yes – for both the clinical examination as well as second opinion of the microscopic slides.

Do I need a referral for Complete Skin Review?


Is there a cost for Complete Skin Review?

A non-referred visit with dermoscopy examination is not covered by provincial insurance plans. A Complete Skin Review costs one hundred dollars.

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Medical Dermatology appointments require a referral from your Family Doctor or General Practitioner, while Cosmetic procedures do not.

A fee of $100 will be charged should you choose not to obtain a referral for any Medical appointments. Please contact us at 403-457-1900 or email us at if you are unclear as to whether your issue is Medical or Cosmetic.

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Here’s What Our Patients Are Saying…

“I see Dr. Alanan regularly for many skin problems and he never has a problem discussing them in the same visit. He’s also solved all my skin related issues that I’ve struggled with for years that family physicians couldn’t sufficiently resolve. I highly recommend Dr. Alanen and his clinic as his treatment and care is second to none.
-Kevin L.