Excessive armpit sweating is an uncontrollable medical condition, called axillary hyperhidrosis, which can be extremely embarrassing, leading to fear and avoidance of social situations. Derm.ca Laser and Esthetics is a leading Canadian provider of the original BOTOX treatment and has helped thousands of patients eliminate excessive sweating.

The excessive sweating of armpits does not contribute to regulating your body temperature – it is physiologically useless; there are NO adverse health risks when this is eliminated.  The neuromodulator Botox is absolutely safe – millions of people worldwide have been treated for this problem with this approach.

A series of very small needles goes into the armpit skin, precisely placed at the level of the eccrine sweat gland by Dr. Alanen. Sweating stops seven to ten days later. On average, two to three sessions are required per year.

If you are one of the million Canadians who suffer from this aggravating problem, Contact us today for a complimentary consultation to determine whether BOTOX or one of our other treatments for excessive sweating is right for you.

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