Botox For Hyperhidrosis

Do you worry that you sweat more than those around you?

Have you avoided making plans or wearing certain outfits because of your natural body processes?

Does it feel like deodorants do not keep you dry?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, we can help…… Excessive sweating can be frustrating and embarrassing, but it does not need to limit your daily life – it can be treated with a very high degree of effectiveness…….

Consider BOTOX injections for excessive sweating as a non-surgical, minimally invasive treatment option. Learn more about the benefits of using this remarkable injectable treatment to minimize sweating during a consultation with our team at Your in Calgary, Alberta!

What Are BOTOX Injections for Excessive Sweating?

BOTOX injections for excessive sweating are an injectable treatment option to reduce sweating. This non-surgical, minimally invasive treatment option works to impair the sweat glands.

As BOTOX® is a neuromodulator, it affects how nerve signals interact with muscles. When administered, nerve signals are prevented from reaching sweat glands, preventing sweating. It is most commonly used to the underarms, but other treatment areas, such as the feet, hands, or others, may be discussed during a consultation.

What Can I Expect from a Treatment Session?

BOTOX injections for excessive sweating are administered by Dr. Alanen in the comfort of our office. Treatment sessions take only a few minutes, and there is little or no pain associated with the treatment experience. However, you may experience some minor bruising or swelling around the injection site.

Almost everyone treated has total or near-total elimination of sweating – this takes about 10 days to completely “kick in”.  On average, two to three sessions are required per year. If you desire a more permanent solution, we recommend MiraDry laser

Am I a Good Candidate?

BOTOX injections for excessive sweating may benefit most healthy adults who are frustrated with the impact hyperhidrosis or similar conditions have on their daily life. It may be time to consider this treatment if excessive sweating causes you to:

  • Avoid social activities
  • Change your daily routine
  • Experience mood swings or negative emotional changes
  • Frequently change clothing
  • Notice dramatic changes in your sweating
  • Perspire all times of the day regardless of temperature or activity level

You deserve to live a life that feels like your own, and a consultation with our team in Calgary can help ensure BOTOX injections for excessive sweating is the best treatment option for you. They can also help you develop a treatment plan right for you.

Here’s What Our Patients Are Saying…

“What a game changer this has been for me! My underarm sweating was so profuse I avoided wearing certain coloured clothing as it was more visible. It was also embarrassing to have sweat stains all the time. I can honestly say this procedure was the best decision I’ve made! I’d recommend Botox for sweating to anyone who has suffered from sweating way too much
-Trish D.