is a certified Non-Hospital Surgical Facility (NHSF); since the clinic was opened in 2008, skin cancer has been a major clinical practice focus for Dr Alanen. All three of the commonest types of skin cancer (Basal Cell Carcinoma, Squamous Cell Carcinoma, and Malignant Melanoma) are increasing in incidence. These cancers are almost always treated by surgical removal. Early detection for all of these cancers is associated with the highest cure rate.

  • Dr. Alanen is an internationally recognized expert for the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of skin cancer.
  • Dr. Alanen is a board-certified dermatologist, dermatopathologist and has credentials for Mohs’ skin cancer surgery.
  • We have one of Canada’s largest comprehensive skin cancer surveillance clinics (including mole mapping for patients at risk of developing melanoma).
  • We offer an Urgent Skin Cancer Service; patients can be seen ordinarily within one week if there is a biopsy-proven or suspected skin cancer.
  • We are recognized experts for the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of skin cancer. We have performed over 15,000 skin cancer surgeries (including Mohs’ Micrographic Surgery) over the years.
  • Dr. Alanen offers Complete Skin Review, a comprehensive overview of your skin. This includes an examination of any suspicious lesions with a polarized light dermatoscope. If it is deemed ideal based on the moles seen on the examination, formal Mole Mapping is recommended.

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