Most women equate invisible pores with a perfect complexion. Unfortunately, our genetics usually determine the kind of pores we will develop, and if you have oily skin and/or acne, that means your pores are trapped with an overload of gunk. There are ways to flush out our pores and have them appear tight and tiny. One of the newer high-tech gadgets on the block is the Isolaz device. It has earned the FDA’s green light, and the clinical results revealed have been encouraging. The pore-loosening treatment is an excellent one to consider for keeping your complexion looking clear and radiant.

Deep Pore Therapy

Isolaz has been developed to address all skin types and skin tones. No one’s complexion is too sensitive for the special light that is emitted during the cosmetic procedure.

The therapy focuses on using a vacuum for deep pore cleansing combined with a therapeutic light that is similar to intense pulsed light (IPL). For example, Isolaz works by pulling out the bacteria, dead cells, and sebum trapped inside the pores. The device finishes the treatment with a flash of light that is designed to kill off the bacteria and stimulate fresh collagen.

Those who have undergone the procedure say it is not uncomfortable, and a single treatment could deliver tighter pores and radiant skin. The procedure is performed in the comfort of our office. The device can also be used to treat acne issues on the body. The Isolaz device goes to work with multiple strategies that include unclogging hair follicles, reducing oil production, and eliminating bacteria responsible for acne flare ups.

Cumulative Effects

Our specialist can determine the proper treatment schedule for loosening your pores with Isolaz therapy. To see the full results, we may recommend a series of sessions. To keep your pores barely noticeable, a maintenance as needed will also be to your benefit.

The wonderful features of having a vacuum deep clean your pores with a therapeutic light that triggers new collagen are its cumulative effects. You will notice that your pores are shrinking in appearance over time and giving you that clear, glowing complexion that looks ageless. There is no surgery or downtime associated with this tremendous treatment.

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