When it’s time to slip into that new summer bikini, few things are as demoralizing as cellulite on your thighs and abdomen. It can even drive you back indoors, keeping you from enjoying those summer beach days with your friends and family.

If you’re wondering how to get rid of cellulite, Titan laser treatment may be a good choice for you as it’s now considered one of the best and most innovative methods of cellulite reduction. Today, we’re going to explain exactly what it can do for you and your body this summer. 

Common Causes of Cellulite

Cellulite is the result of fat buildup beneath your skin. It is most commonly found in women and appears as lumpy and dimpled stretches of skin usually found in the hips, thighs, and buttocks. 

Though cellulite is a completely normal and harmless skin condition, it can be quite distressing to women who find its appearance unsightly. But what actually causes cellulite?

The truth is that we still don’t know the exact cause. Many people believe that fat is the overarching cause, leading to higher rates of cellulite in obese people. But this isn’t completely correct, as even very thin women can have cellulite. 

Instead, it is thought that a combination of things can trigger the appearance of cellulite in adults, including:


Simply being a woman puts you at a greater risk of developing cellulite. Though men can also develop the skin condition, it only affects around 10% of men compared to 90% of women. The reason has to do with the structure of fat cells in women’s bodies, which more easily allow fat to appear through the skin.

Hormones and Genetics

Estrogen has an important role in regulating fat and maintaining fat consistency. Periods of high hormone production or a change in estrogen levels such as pregnancy, breastfeeding, and menopause, can sometimes cause cellulite.

Some studies have indicated that genetics can determine your susceptibility to developing cellulite. Because genetics determine skin structure and texture, and the distribution of fat, they play a significant role in the development of cellulite. 


An inactive lifestyle, particularly one that involves long periods of sitting, can reduce blood flow and heighten risk in cellulite-prone areas. If your diet includes a high intake of fat, salt, and carbohydrates, you are more likely to develop cellulite.

It’s important to remember that while consistent exercise and a healthy diet can help curb cellulite, it is not even close to a perfect remedy. Many women who lead rigorously healthy lifestyles still report the occurrence of cellulite on their bodies.

What is Titan Laser Treatment and how Does it Work?

Titan laser treatment is a non-surgical skin tightening procedure that can be effectively used as a cellulite treatment. The Titan laser is an FDA-approved infrared device that uses infrared light to heat beneath the surface of your skin. 

This heating process is harmless and mostly painless, but your body will begin to produce more collagen as a way of “healing” what it recognizes as an injury. Over time, the newly stimulated collagen will result in firmer and tighter skin in the treated areas. 

The Titan laser can be effectively used on both the legs and abdomen, making it an ideal treatment for cellulite. Over time and with repeated sessions, Titan laser treatment will result in firmer and more youthful skin. You’ll be waving goodbye to that puckered, dimpled, and stretched cellulite just in time for summer.

What can you Expect During the Treatment?

During treatment you will feel the heat from the infrared light, followed by an intermittent tingling feeling, followed by cooling of the skin. Each pulse from the Titan laser should last around eight seconds.

As the concentrated energy from the laser heats your skin, you may find yourself experiencing mild discomfort due to the heating process. This should not be an intense sensation, as Titan laser treatment also includes a consistent cooling process that relieves the skin.

The treatment should not be painful. If you have a particularly low pain threshold, your technician can customize energy levels and also supply a topical numbing treatment to numb the target areas of your body. 

Cellulite is completely harmless to your body, but it can deal a heavy blow to your self-esteem. Titan laser treatment can help. To see if Titan is the right choice for you, get in touch with our medically-trained team at Derm.ca. By calling us at +403-202-4038 or book your consultation online today.