Normal hair loss can sometimes be a concern but when it’s lost in large amounts, this is a symptom of alopecia. Hair loss can diminish self-confidence and self-esteem, leaving some individuals to hide behind hats or headscarves. 

If you’ve experienced alopecia symptoms, including patches of hair loss, there’s still hope. There are alopecia areata treatments that can restore your hair growth and self-confidence. 

What is Alopecia Areata? 

Studies have helped us have a better understanding of what alopecia areata is which has helped advance treatments. Individuals experiencing patches of hair loss are considered to have alopecia areata. 

Alopecia areata is often developed in the late teens and one can experience unpredictable cycles of hair loss and growth over time. The causes of alopecia areata symptoms are still unknown but it is not contagious, and it is likely to be genetic.


Treating Your Hair Loss With Cortisone Injections 

Many individuals have experienced hair regrowth with alopecia areata treatments that use cortisone injections. These types of treatments have demonstrated positive outcomes in both men and women. 

At, all treatments, including the alopecia areata treatment, are met with our mission of combining education and honesty to give you excellent services. Our educated staff members have several evidence-based methods to assist with hair loss, including cortisone injections. 

After a consultation, we will decide if cortisone injections will be the best plan for you. You will receive a customized treatment plan, including the number of injections needed for your specific alopecia areata symptoms


How do Cortisone Injections Work?

Cortisone injections are unique because they target your specific problem areas. This is a localized alopecia areata treatment, which means you’ll only have injections in the patches with hair loss. 

The specific size of the affected area will be the determining factor and will be decided on before treatment starts. Depending on the size of the patch, you can have anywhere from three to 50 injections. Since there is typically mild discomfort during the sessions, you’ll receive a numbing cream on the injection site before beginning the session. 

Cortisone injections are a great alopecia areata treatment because they are an alternative to surgical transplants. The injections produce hair growth in the affected area and work to fill in the patches. 


Getting Your Hair Back in 4-6 Weeks  

If you’re experiencing patches of hair loss on less than 50% of your scalp, you’re a great candidate for the treatment. Cortisone injections target the inflammation in your scalp, which allows your hair to grow back in the affected areas. 

Results will show in four to six weeks, which is the amount of time your scalp needs to reduce the inflammation and encourage new hair growth in the affected areas. If you’re looking for a less invasive alopecia areata treatment, this is a great option that will give you the results you’re looking for.


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