No one enjoys having acne. Not only can the bumps be irritating and sometimes even painful, but acne also affects your overall appearance, and that can hurt your self-esteem and confidence. Everyone wants to look their best, and that can be tough to do when you’re dealing with unsightly bumps on your face.

If you’re looking for an acne solution, the good news is that there are options. And acne facials are one of them!

Who Are Acne Facials Best For?

Acne facials are designed to clean your skin, which can help get rid of acne and stop it from occurring. However, there are different types of acne, and acne facials are specifically helpful with a type known as comedone acne.

Comedone acne is a common form of acne that occurs when the lining of oil gland ducts overgrows. This leads to increased oil production and that encourages debris to get clogged on the surface of your skin. This results in bumps on the skin. Some appear white (often referred to as whiteheads) while others are black (blackheads). If left untreated, these areas can become inflamed or infected and turn into painful red bumps.

The good news is that properly cleansing and caring for your skin can help get rid of comedone acne and make it less likely to form in the first place.

How do Acne Facials Work?

Acne facials are designed to exfoliate and cleanse your skin, which clears your pores and prevents the build-up and clogging that causes acne. This fights the formation of comedones, leaving your skin clearer, smoother, and more even.

The treatment controls redness by improving circulation and making it easier for your skin to absorb topical treatments and infusions that are designed to treat acne and other concerns.

Dermasweep for All Skin Types

Dermasweep is a non-surgical, non-invasive skincare treatment that exfoliates your skin, cleansing it and eliminating surface imperfections.

It is an advanced microdermabrasion treatment that provides three benefits at once. It exfoliates your skin and improves circulation, lymphatic drainage, and oxygenation. Dermasweep also improves the delivery of skincare cosmeceuticals and creams, which makes it a great choice for those who are dealing with acne.

Dermasweep uses bristles to scrub away dead skin cells. These bristles can be adjusted, so they can be targeted to your skin. For instance, they can be adjusted to be gentler if needed, which makes them a popular option for those who have sensitive skin.

Typical microdermabrasion can be rough on certain skin types, causing discomfort. However, as previously mentioned, Dermasweep can be adjusted, so it works well for all skin types.

How Many Treatments Before I See Results?

If you’ve been looking at Dermasweep before and after photos, you’re likely wondering how long it will be before you see such results yourself. The answer is that you will likely see improvements almost immediately after your first appointment. 

This is typically a bit sooner than with standard microdermabrasion, which can take a day or two before results are visible. However, for the best results, it is recommended that most people receive a series of sessions. 

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