No matter what age you are, excessive sweating can be a troublesome and embarrassing affliction. Also known as hyperhidrosis, this condition results in abnormal levels of sweat that often don’t have a usual cause, like sweating or heat. It can damage your clothes, cause physical discomfort, and lower your self-esteem.

What’s more, it’s a problem that 1-3% of men and women deal with. So if this is an issue you struggle with, you certainly aren’t alone. But what causes excessive sweating, and how can you treat it effectively? These are some of the most common questions asked about excessive sweating. And we’re here to answer them! 

How Do I Determine if my Sweating Is Severe?

Just because you’ve been sweating a little more than usual, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have a condition. There are a few simple ways that you can determine whether or not you have hyperhidrosis.

Sweaty Hands and Feet

Excessive sweat that occurs on your hands and feet is a common sign. If your hands are often wet from sweating to the point that you have trouble holding things, or you regularly sweat through your socks, you are likely dealing with hyperhidrosis.

Anxiety and Social Withdrawal

Rather than sweating as a result of anxiety, is your anxiety a result of sweating too much? If you find yourself experiencing anxiety and embarrassment due to sweating, especially to the point of social withdrawal, then it is likely to be severe. If you have good reason to fear that people are smelling you or seeing sweat stains regularly, you probably have hyperhidrosis.

Sweating Through Your Clothing

If it’s the middle of fall or winter and you’re sweating enough that it shows through your clothing, that’s another sign of excess sweat. It is common for people with hyperhidrosis to sweat through their clothes even in moderate temperatures.

Sweating Without Exercise or High Temperatures

At the end of the day, this is the most obvious sign that you are dealing with severe excessive sweat. The majority of people will only sweat considerably in high temperatures, or after vigorous exercise. If it’s happening to you regularly outside of either situation, that’s a strong sign.

What Are the Common Causes of Excess Sweating?

Excess sweating is caused by primary and secondary hyperhidrosis. Primary hyperhidrosis has no apparent cause but is likely to have a hereditary link. Secondary hyperhidrosis, on the other hand, is excessive sweating that is caused by an underlying medical condition. It can also be experienced as a side-effect of some beta-blockers and antidepressants. 

Medical conditions that can cause secondary hyperhidrosis include hyperthyroidism, lymphoma, malaria, menopause, tuberculosis, diabetic hypoglycemia, acromegaly, and more.

Is There a Solution? 

Thankfully for you, there is a solution for excessive sweating. It’s called MiraDry, a procedure that uses laser energy to reduce the number of sweat glands you have. This laser technology targets and destroys these sweat glands, similar to how laser hair removal targets hair follicles.

The sweat glands that are destroyed during your treatment are not needed to regulate your body temperature, and there are no associated risks with removing these glands. Most patients who undergo this treatment will see a noticeable reduction in sweating and sweat-related odor. 

Is MiraDry Painful?

MiraDry is completely non-surgical, but it does require the injection of a local anesthetic before treatment (usually something like Lidocaine). This numbs the area to ensure you don’t feel much during the procedure.

The initial anesthetic injection may feel uncomfortable at first, but the discomfort should subside quickly. For most people, getting MiraDry is a painless process. 

Are the Results of MiraDry Permanent?

Yes, the results you will see from MiraDry are permanent. This treatment effectively eradicates your sweat glands, and these glands cannot redevelop.

However, it’s important to remember that while the effects are permanent, they may not completely cure your hyperhidrosis. The aim of the procedure is to significantly reduce excessive sweating, but it does not always stop it completely.

At we believe that no one should have to suffer from the anxieties and indignities that hyperhidrosis can bring. And we know you don’t have to, because this innovative laser treatment makes a permanent reduction of excessive sweating possible.

If you’re struggling with excessive sweating, get in touch with our dedicated team of cosmetic dermatologists at to talk with us about MiraDry. We’re here to provide expert knowledge and cosmetic procedures that will help you put your best foot forward. 

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