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Isolaz Acne Laser (or facial)

Have you tried all of the standard acne skin care treatments, with no visible results? Try this revolutionary acne laser treatment at Isolaz acne laser is the answer to your frustrating, stubborn, hormonal acne. Isolaz treatment deeply vacuums the pores, purifies the skin inside out, and calms the redness/inflammation. Your skin will feel softer, smoother, and have a more even complexion. Proven results! Come and try it today!

Magnified Isolaz Video

Isolaz Acne Therapy Video

Acne Laser Before/After Photos


How does it work?


Benefits to Isolaz Laser

  • The only painless laser treatment for acne.
  • The only system that purifies your pores from the inside.
  • The only system that combines a vacuum and laser to help destroy acne causing bacteria.
  • The only FDA system cleared to treat comedonial & pustular acne.

Calgary’s First Isolaz Clinic is the first clinic in Calgary to have the revolutionary Isolaz acne laser. It has been in use since 2008 and thousands of patients have been successfully treated. The laser therapists at are highly experienced with this device. As with all lasers, the results are related to the experience of the laser therapist.

Contact to learn more about Isolaz.

Appointments and Online Bookings

For your convenience, Fillers/injectables, Acne Consultations, DermaSweep, Medical Peels and Isolaz can be booked directly online or by calling the office directly 403.457.1900. There is a $35.00 non refundable deposit required to reserve an appointment using the online booking service. Acne Consultations can also be booked by the traditional referral method.

For booking all other esthetic services other than the ones listed under the service drop-down list, please contact us.

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